Heat Sealable Paper Sweet Bags x25 White Polka Dots

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These brown Kraft paper with white polka dots paper sweet bags are heat sealable. Provided in packets of 25.
2019/03/26 13:00:00

No sweet buffet table is complete without a good old paper sweet bag and with Yolli’s wide range of colours and styles; whether it’s your wedding, baby shower or your 101st birthday party, there is a sweet bag for every occasion! They’re even suitable for a children’s party bag. After scooping a tonne of their favourite sweets into one of these bags, trust us, you’ll have a room full of happy guests (who may also have a slight sugar rush.)

  • A traditional brown Kraft paper with white polka dots sweet bag 
  • Provided in packets of 25 
  • Perfect for a variety of occasions 
  • Dimensions - 180mm x 130mm x 0.2mm
  • The only design of all the sweet bags that is heat sealable
These purple & white chevron paper sweet bags would be perfect for a purple themed wedding! Provided in packets of 25.
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  • 30 micron polypropylene
  • Heat sealable material
  • Food grade
  • 17 sizes available
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