Drop Roller Candy Forming Machine

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Bench top drop roller candy forming machine suitable for manufacturing hard and some soft candies.  Drop rollers are ideal for small production runs, product demonstartions and recipe development.

  • Easy change rollers for producing different products
  • Hand or motor driven models available
2022/05/26 13:00:00

Please note that these machines are made to order and the delivery time will be confirmed after purchase
Bench top candy forming machine for hard and some soft candies. The machine consists of one sets of brass type rollers fitted in
the machine one on top of the other, engraved into these rollers are candy shape impressions such as pear, orange slice, ball oval
etc, a flat sheet of playable candy is placed between these rollers, as the candy pass through the candy takes the form of the
shapes engraved into the rollers, leaving a very fine candy web around each formed candy. The sheet of candy is then gently
moved along the slab and left to cool, once cooled the sheets of candies are broken up and sieved to remove any left over webbing
and then packaged for sale.

The forming rollers in the machine are easily changeable so if you purchase multiple rollers a great range of candies can be made,
we also supply rollers to your design. The machine can be power driven or be turned with by handle, the machine can also be
bench top of mounted or on a standalone frame mounted on wheels for easy moving. The machine is guarded to H&S standards,
machine comes with one set of standard ball or oval rollers and is powered by a single phase 220v motor as standard, other
voltages available on request.

Dimensions of Drop Roller- L:70cm x W:37cm x H: 42cm 0.11 Cubic Meters Weight: 65KG

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Please note, these machiness are made to order. Typical lead time is approx 3 months. Please contact us before purchasing and we will advise the current delivery time.

  • 5 Kg batch capacity
  • Stainless steel catch tray and arm protectors
  • Non stick nylon arms.
  • Dimensions 900mm x 500mm x 1000mm
  • Machine guarding including Safety cut out
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  • Batch Capacity 10Kg.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel and non stick nylon for long life and easy cleaning.
  • Dimensions 1250mm long x 400mm wide x 350mm high.
  • Machine weight 60kg.
  • Manufactured and Designed in the UK.
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