Isomalt x 500g

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2022/05/23 13:00:00

Isomalt is a sugar substitute created from real sugar that has been made from beets. It is an ideal sugar alternative for cake decorating and or sweet making. Isomalt is not as sweet as sugar but it can be blended with other sugar substitute sweeteners like sucralose to make it sweeter. Isomalt needs to be heated to be molded, shaped, or used for decoration. 

To use the isomalt granules can be easily melted down in a pan with a little water and boiled to temperature, add colour, flavour and pour. Once it starts to firm up it can be manipulated like candy.

  • Tooth friendly (helps keep teath healthy)
  • Lower in calories compare to sugar
  • Supports a low glycaemic diet: Sugar levels – less is more.
  • Isomalt is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and has a long shelf life.

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  • Solid section plastic lollipops sticks
  • Manufactured from food grade polystyrene
  • Smooth finish
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