Blue Striped Paper Straws x 25

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190mm x 6mm paper straws
Pastel blue spiral stripe on white
x 25 in a pack 


2023/06/02 11:00:00

These retro paper straw inspired cake pop sticks are a great alternative to traditional lollipop sticks. Available in a variety of colours and a rainbow of different patterns. Take your cake pop presentation to a whole new level by offering them on our great cake pop straws. 

wooden tooth picks manufactured from food grade birch wood. There are 100 tooth picks in each plastic container and there are 12 plastic containers in a pack so you get 1200 tooth picks in total. Each plastic container has a small hole in the top for easy removal of individual toothpicks.
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Our lollipop sticks are also known as cake pop sticks, sucker stick or lolly pop sticks.

  • Solid section round plastic lollipops sticks
  • Manufactured from food grade polystyrene
  • Available in 9 standard colours and 8 sizes.
  • All sticks supplied in factory sealed packaging.
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