Automatic Roller Coder For Cartons

Roller coder, simple coder for cartons running through a carton taping machine. low cost option that is Ideal for date or batch codes to be printed on the outer carton.



This is an attachment for a carton case taper, see our model Yolli carton sealing machine.

Ink roller coder to print codes, sell by dates and batch number automatically onto boxes and cartons as they are being taped on the carton sealing machine.

  • Printing speed: synchronized with the running speed of the carton sealing machine
  • Printing lines: 1 line
  • Printing position: flank of carton
  • Font size, 12mm standard
  • Max printing length: 270mm 

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Our lollipop sticks are also known as cake pop sticks, sucker stick or lolly pop sticks.

  • Solid section round plastic lollipops sticks
  • Manufactured from food grade polystyrene
  • Available in 9 standard colours and 8 sizes.
  • All sticks supplied in factory sealed packaging.
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