200Kg Per Hour Chocolate Tempering Machine M1400

M1400 - C T Machine
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200Kg Per Hour Chocolate Tempering Machine M1400

Self contained stainless steel chocolate tempering machine with its own heating and cooling system. The chocolate tempering machine has a tank capacity of 60kg and can temper up to 200kg of chocolate per hour.

The machine is fitted with a foot pedal which stops the flow of chocolate when pressed. This makes filling moulds directly from the machine very simple.

There is a vibrating tabletop fitted over the tank where moulds can be placed to remove trapped air bubbles and to assist the fill of all the mould cavities.

  • Tank capacity: 60 kg of chocolate
  • Production per hour: 200 kg
  • Power: 6.1 kW, three-phase current
  • Standard dosing function
  • Microprocessor with digital temperature display
  • Pedal to dose the chocolate
  • Heated vibrating table
  • Weight: 215 kg
  • 2 years warranty
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fast melting and tempering cycle
  • Optimal finish & design
  • L:879mm x W:640mm x H:1555mm
  • Weight = 215000 grams

Optional Add On

An add on dosing head is available for all tempering machine models for the accurate dosing of chocolate directly into your chocolate moulds.

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