Fondant Cutter Plunger Set 4pcs Easter Bunny Egg Chick Butterfly

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This set includes Baby Chick, Bunny, Easter Egg and Butterfly shapes.
2019/09/23 13:00:00



Easter is such a great time to make cakes.

So grab these lovely fondant plungers ready for your cakes.

This set includes Baby Chick, Bunny, Easter Egg and Butterfly shapes.


They're really simple to use. Just push down over your rolled fondant (also suitable for craft clays) and push down on the plunger to emboss it with the pattern. Pick it up and push it off with the plunger. Now it's ready to go!


You can paint your pieces with Pop Paint (sold separately) at the Yolli store, where you can find loads of other fantastic baking gear to help get you going. Bakers rejoice!


Approx unpacked size of a fondant plunger: 55x55x60mm

These silicone chocolate moulds will make your chocolates look as good as good as they taste. . Suitable for use in ovens, microwaves or freezers. . These chocolate moulds can withstand temperatures as low as -60C and hot as +260C . . Flexible with deep cavity. . Great for making chocolates, butte, gelatin, bite-sized cakes, cookies, and even ice cubes. . The Molds can be washed with hot water or in the dishwasher. . 6 mini easter eggs, 4 easter bunnies and 4 ducks.
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