Blue Polka Dot Paper Straws x 25

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  • 190mm x 6mm paper straws
  • Blue spots on white
  • Suitable for cake pops and drinking straws 
  • x 25 in a pack
2019/10/23 13:00:00



These retro straw inspired cake pop sticks are a more decorative alternative to a traditional lollipop stick. Available in a range of colours and patterns, to help compliment your cake pop theme.

The straws are 190mm long which is ideal for use as a drinking straw.They can be cut down easily to 150mm for making pops. Don't forget to dip the end in chocolate before inserting into your cake balls to ensure they stay in place.

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  • High quality round wooden lollipop sticks 
  • 8 Sizes available from stock
  • Manufactured from sustainable Birch wood
  • Food grade, smooth finish and splinter free
  • Ideal for a range of food and non food uses
  • Custom sizes available subject to volumes
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