Chocolate Apple Kit For x25 (Wrappers , Sticks , Chocolate , Colour & Ribbon)

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2024/07/19 11:00:00

Kit for making chocolate apples, all you need to add is apples. The kit includes chocolate apple sticks, chocolate apple wrappers, Yollimelts, colour mill (Red, Blue, Yellow and Black), decorative ribbon and a silicone mat. The kit also includes a recipe for making perfect chocolate apples.

The sticks are made from food grade birch wood. They are square section, and the dimension are 140mm x 5mm x 5mm. The wrappers are clear twist-able PVC film and are 10 inch x 10 inch (26cm x 26cm). Just wrap the wrapper around the chocolate apple and twist around the stick. This can be secured with a piece of tape or some ribbon.

  • Apples not included
  • Yollimelts do not require tempering
  • Kit for making 25 chocolate apples
  • Food grade clear polypropylene sheets
  • Perfect for wrapping your chocolate apples
  • Delivered factory packed and sealed to ensure they reach you in perfect condition
  • Food Grade
  • Will fit over all sizes of apples
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