Fondant Crimper Tool Set 10 Pieces (Jagged Edged Small)

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  • 10 piece crimper set for pastry, cakes, pies and other baking needs
  • Has a strong rubber ring to allow control of how much crimping occurs
  • Each crimping tool is approximately 100mm x 12mm


2022/12/12 13:00:00


A Crimper makes easy work of  creating easy fast design patterns. You can adjust the gap between them by sliding the rubber ring to create different looks and patterns.
Crimpers inlcuded in this set include:
  • Serrated Heart
  • Waves
  • Curves
  • Vee
  • Scallop
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Make a giant cupcake birthday cake with this cupcake shaped novelty tin.

  • Height 280mm
  • Width 250mm 
  • Depth 45mm 
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