Loynds Candy Cooking Stove Pan & Thermometer for Candy Manufacturing - 17 litres

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2024/06/25 13:00:00



The Loynds candy cooking kit consists of a 3000W electric induction hob, a 17 litre (7kg batch) stainless steel candy cooking pan and a 150mm clock stem-type thermometer for accurately monitoring the ideal temperature of your candy batch.

The candy cooking stove provides 3000W of adjustable power heating via an electric induction hob. The heat is controllable via the dial located on the front of the candy stove.

The candy cooker is manufactured from stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning.

The stainless-steel pan will hold a 7kg batch (17 litres) of candy and approximately 3 of these can
be cooked every hour.

The 150mm clock stem-type heavy-duty thermometer fits neatly in the pan allowing you to monitor temperatures as your candy batch is cooking.

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