Loynds Candy Cooling Conveyor Tunnel - Artisan Candy Manufacturing Machine

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2024/04/15 13:00:00



The Loynds Mini Cooling Tunnel is the perfect accompaniment to our other low volume candy manufacturing machines.
Designed and built in the UK, this machine is the ideal solution for a small scale candy factory, giving a good cooling solution in a small footprint.

The Cooler sits at the height of a regular work bench, so product can be passed directly from your tabletop machines, or your own hands, onto the conveyor.

The machine is manufactured from aluminium extrusion and all contact parts are made from food grade certified materials.

There are 3 axial fans located on the top of the candy cooler for even cooling across the mesh belt. The fan speeds can be adjusted which in turn controls the amount of cooling.
The mesh belt helps warm air move away from the product being cooled.

The belt speed can be adjusted using the inverter controls on the front of the machine. A combination of belt speed and fan speed gives excellent cooling control.

Underneath the mesh belt are crumb catchers. These catch and debris candy which can be collected and recycled into subsequent batches.

Running along the sides of the candy cooling tunnel are adjustable side guides. Using quick release thumb screws these guides can be moved in our outwards which alters the available width of cooling conveyor.

The stand is on Castor wheels which can be locked to prevent the machine moving during operation.

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