Loynds Candy Pulling Machine 5Kg Capacity - Artisan Candy Manufacturing Machine

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The sugar pulling candy machine is manufactured from heavy-duty, stainless-steel construction and is suitable for pulling a 5Kg batch of candy or toffee.

It has three arms, one is stationary while the other two revolve around it. The arms are covered in
PTFE to help prevent of the batch of candy from sticking to the arms. The candy batch is placed onto the centre arm inside the machine. The 2 outer arms will then pull the candy batch around the centre arm to aerate the batch.

In the candy manufacturing process, the pulling machine is used for a number of purposes. Firstly, it aerates the candy giving it volume. This bulks out the candy and changes the mouth feel.
Secondly, the pulling process will whiten the batch making it opaque and lightening its colour.

A stainless-steel catch tray is fitted to the bottom of the machine. When the pulling machine is stopped the candy will fall onto this tray. 

The operating part of the machine is protected with safety guarding. The safety guards are protected by an electrical interlock meaning the machine cannot be switched on when the guard is open.

There is an emergency stop button located on the front of the machine.

The machine comes on a stand so that it is at working height. This makes loading the batch of candy into the machine easy.

The stand is on Castor wheels which can be locked to prevent the machine moving during operation.

  • Cavity length     108 mm
  • Cavity width      30 mm
  • Cavity height     11 mm
  • Cavity weight    51 gr
  • Cavity layout     1 x 7
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