Loynds Mini Candy Rope Sizer Machine - Tabletop Candy Making Machinery

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2 stage mini candy rope sizer ideal for use in laboratories, small scale artisan candy production or manufacturing demonstrations where a continuous rope of candy is required.

The Loynds mini candy rope sizer is the perfect addition to your small-scale candy manufacturing set up. The candy machine perfectly complements and automates other equipment available from our laboratory and artisan manufacturing range of candy machines. The candy machine can be used for rope sizing both hard candy, soft candy and caramel products.

The candy rope sizer is of a robust design, manufactured in full 304 stainless steel construction with a glass bead finish. The candy rope sizer machine is driven via a motor gearbox unit with an electronic variable speed unit.

The rope sizing consists of 2 pairs of changeable sizing rollers as standard (these will be made to your preferred size). Different rollers can be supplied in addition to suit your requirements. They will reduce the candy rope from a large diameter to a smaller one.
Changing over of the sizing wheels is fast and simple. Two thumb screws will release the wheels from the machine so new ones can easily be fitted.

Each set of rollers can be independently adjusted via a thumb screw located above each roller. The machine is normally table mounted but if required can be supplied on a separate floor stand.

- Variable speed
- Easy to use size adjustment controls at each roller
- Full stainless steel construction

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  • Greaseproof and heat resistant (up to 220°c)
  • Inner base diameter: 50mm
  • Height from inner base to top: 25mm
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