Nutcracker Soldier Christmas Plastic Sweet Container Decoration Crafts

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The nutcracker soldier shaped plastic container is suitable for a range of uses inlcudng packaging of sweets or gifts, decorations for themed display or for crafts and creative hobbies. 

  • Dimensions = 140mm high x 60mm wide x 40mm deep 
  • weight 148 grams
  • 100% recyclable Acrylic
  • Contact us directly if you require larger quantities

The nutracker soldier opens into 2 halves allowing you to fill it with items like sweets or gifts. This makes it ideal as a themed packaging concept.

At the top of the nutcracker soldier is a hanging loop. Simply thread a loop of string or fishing wire through the top and then hang the soldier to create a themed decoration. Decorations can be used to make themed displays for retail or events. You can mix and match different decorations from our range to create a bespoke display in your preferred theme.

The nutcracker soldier is ideal for many craft ideas or creative hobbies. Why not paint it in different colours or use glitter to really make it shine. You coudl also use it for moulding things like choclate or even cement!

  • 50 per pack
  • 370mm from opening to tip
  • 180mm width at opening
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