Piping bag Couplers 2 Sizes

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Change nozzles without having to empty your piping bag with these couplers!

  • For small nozzles approx 16mm diameter
  • For large nozzles approx 505mm diameter
2019/08/19 13:00:00



Piping bag couplers allow you to change piping nozzles quickly and easily easily without having to empty and refill the piping bag. Ideal if you want to use different nozzles with 1 bag.


  • Unscrew the 2 parts.
  • Drop the inner part into your piping bag so it pokes through the bottom.
  • Put your piping nozzle in the screw on outer ring 
  • screw the ring onto the inner attachment poking out your piping bag
  • To change nozzle just unscrew the outside ring and put in a new nozzle

Make your favourite mouse with this great little cookie cutter.


  • Height 50mm 
  • Width 57mm 
  • Depth 16mm
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