Polyribbon stand holder for six rolls of ribbon

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Ribbon holder with cutter. Provides a tidy and efficient work space for you

2024/07/23 13:00:00



Our Polyribbon stand holder is essential for any regular ribbon user, as it provides a tidy and efficient work space for you. Made from solid metal with a white painted finish, it's heavy duty and isn't going anywhere.

It can hold up to six rolls of ribbon with a sharp blade allowing you to cut your ribbon to any length - so there's no need for any scissors.

Whether you're wrapping up your loved one's Christmas presents or decorating your latest batch of corporate cake pops, we promise you'll have them finished in no time with the help of this stand.

Simply pop each roll of ribbon onto the arms of the stand, find the end of whichever colour ribbon you want to use and slice it through the safety blade - a clean cut every time!

Dimensions: base 25cm wide x 20 cm depth - height 33cm - each ribbon holder rod measures 13cm.

Reel of lovely pastel pink ribbon. Perfect for wrapping gifts, tying to balloons as balloon string or as a finishing touch to your packaging.
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