Ready Tempered Isomalt Sugar Free Alternative

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125g packets of ready tempered isomalt is a great sugar alternative for making decorations in pulled sugarwork and for moulding. It is also ideal for baking in biscuit centres.

The isomalt has already been tempered meaning all you need to do is reheat it to start working.

The ready tempered isomalt is available in 8 vibrant colours which are shaped into perfect balls for rapid melting in the microwave. Each pack weighs 125g.

The tempered isomalt is ideal for making a variety of edible creations including glass effect biscuits, sugar strands or edible flowers.


1. Place in a microwavable container and heat in 30 second increments inside your microwave untill it becomes liquid.

2. Using oven proof gloves remove from the microwave and pour onto a heat proof table (granite slabs work well). If going into moulds the liquid can be poured straight in.

3. If pouring onto a heat proof surface, turn the mass into itself a few times untill you have a conisistency of plastacine, after which it can be sculpted into your final design.

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