Small Butterfly Pull Bow-Light Blue X 10

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2024/03/04 13:00:00

These bows are delivered as a flat piece of material so no chance of damage in the post.

Just pull the 2 central pieces of ribbon and the bow forms itself as if by magic.

Perfect for decorating

  • Chocolate boxes
  • Presents
  • Displays 
  • Flowers etc.

Supplied in packs of 10


This 3 piece heart fondant cutter is perfect for valentines, anniversaries or a loved ones cake. Made from stainless steel they are dishwasher safe and will last many cuts.

what you can do:

A. Layered Decorations
Stack cut out pieces in different sizes and colours
B. Fondant fill ins.
Use the smaller cut out to remove the centre then fill with a different colour
C. Cake Insets
Cut out shapes from your fondant covered cake, then replace pieces with your favourite colours.

Large       Width 55mm, Height 55mm, Depth 15mm
Medium   35mm x 35mm x 15mm deep
Small       20mm x 20mm x 15mm deep 

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