Loynds Mini Candy Hot Table Machine - Candy Manufacturing Equipment

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The Loynds mini hot table is an essential candy machine for the artisan candy maker. A candy hot table helps increase the time available to work the batch of candy before it sets and goes too hard.

The candy hot table machine is fitted with electric heating elements inside the table. These provide even controllable heat to the table surface. This means candy placed onto the table can be kept in a malleable state for longer. This gives the candy maker additional time to work the candy batch into its final state.
The table surface can be heated to a maximum temperature of 80°C.

The standard mini hot table dimensions are 1000mm x 650mm although they can be manufactured in any size required.

The table top is coated with a food grade non-stick vinyl coating and raised edges help prevent products from falling off the edge. The temperature of the table is adjustable via a rotary dial positioned above the tabletop.

Mini Hot Table Features
- 1000mm long x 650mm wide x 50mm high.
- Non-stick vinyl surface.
- 1kW electric element heating can heat the table to 80°C.
- Simmer-stat controller for temperature adjustment.
- Screw adjustable feet to give up to 50mm in extra height.
- Available with or without table & castors.

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