dad biscuits They say that the way to Dad's heart is through his stomach so, why not serve up something special for the main man in your life this Father's Day to show him just how much you care.  Not only is baking a sweet treat for Dad going to be cost effective for you, but it's a fun way for the little ones to get involved. Plus, you can guarantee whatever you bake is going to be a big hit with Dad. Who wouldn't be happy with a whole batch of cupcakes or cookies!? To help you along, we've found 7 Father's Day themed recipes for you to bake just in time for Sunday.

Dad Pops

dad cake pops Maybe your old man is a bit of a business man. Is he always dressed smartly with a perfectly combed moustache? These cake pops by Pint Sized Baker would be perfect for him. The best part about them is that you can have fun and personalise them so they look exactly like your dad! Add a beard, or some glasses, whatever distinctive feature you like.

I Love Dad Biscuits

fathers day If you have an hour spare, take a look at this recipe on our blog. By combining vanilla and royal icing, you can make 20 flagrant, buttery biscuits for your Dad that are going to hit the spot, washed down with a lovely cup of tea or coffee.

Beer Mug Cupcakes

dad mug cupcakes These Beer Mug cupcakes are a fun way to show Dad just how much you care this Father's Day! They're really cute and you'll have a blast making them. And, the best part is that they have a surprise filling. Tablespoon made their cupcakes Baileys flavoured, but you could add your own twist.

Sweet Bouquet

IMG_9754 Okaaaay, so you wouldn't bake a sweet bouquet for your Dad. But, if he has a super sweet tooth then it is the perfect gift for him and you can't go wrong. Just fill it with all of his favourite sweeties and follow our tutorial to get your sweet bouquet looking as fabulous as possible. You can purchase a Sweet Bouquet Kit on our website.

Sporty Fudge Brownies

rugby brownies for dad Most Dad's love sport and the great thing about these Better Homes & Gardens fudge brownies, is that you can decorate them to accommodate any sport. Maybe your Dad is a big football fan, or is cricket his sport of choice? Just change the shape and decoration of the brownie to match your Dad's favourite sport.

Lawnmower Rice Krispie Treats

rice krispie for dadThese Cute Food for Kids Lawn Mower Rice Krispie treats are so easy to make, you could have a whole batch prepared in no time at all. They're a great treat for the little ones to get involved with, too. No mess and they taste absolutely delicious!

Burger & Chips Cupcakes

burger cupcakes# Dad's are renowned pranksters. They're always playing tricks on us, right from when we are little. So, by making these burger and chips style cupcakes, you've got the perfect opportunity to have some fun and get revenge. This recipe by Bakerella may take a little more time, but we think it is definitely worth it. We hope you can take some inspiration from these ideas we've put together, or maybe you have your own unique plans for what to bake your Dad this weekend. Send us your pictures, we'd love to see your Father's Day creations.