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  1. Pumpkin Puddings That Are Perfect For October

    Pumpkin Puddings That Are Perfect For October
    spiced-pumpkin-whoopie-pies-with-maple-browned-butter-cinnamon-frosting-9-editedj Pumpkin's only ever tend to make an appearance in my household when we are carving a scary face into them right before Halloween. Continue reading
  2. Sprinkles! What's so special about them?

    funfetti waffles Sprinkles seem to add a certain wow-factor to any sweet treat, whether that be on our morning pancakes, drenched in whipped cream and syrup, or a delicious homemade birthday cake for a loved one. Continue reading
  3. Everyone is freakin' out over Freakshakes

    freakshakes Freakshakes originated in Canberra, Australia however, lately, they seem to be creeping to other spots around the globe - and lucky for us, the UK is one of them. Continue reading
  4. Vanilla Fudge Pancakes - How To Guide

    Vanilla Fudge Pancakes - How To Guide

    fudge pancakes 3

    Many children in the United States are brought up to love pancakes. As an Italian, I never understand why. Now that I have tried these homemade vanilla fudge pancakes, I'd happily trade my morning croissant for them! Continue reading

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