1. Coffee Desserts: 12 Buzzworthy Recipes

    Coffee Desserts: 12 Buzzworthy Recipes
    coffee donuts Food comas: we've all been there. There's nothing worse than polishing off a delicious dessert and then feeling like you immediately need to curl up in bed and sleep for a week because you feel so full up. Continue reading
  2. Everyone is freakin' out over Freakshakes

    freakshakes Freakshakes originated in Canberra, Australia however, lately, they seem to be creeping to other spots around the globe - and lucky for us, the UK is one of them. Continue reading
  3. Candy Floss Inspired Desserts

    candy floss ice cream Candy Floss is the ultimate sugary treat - considering it is made solely from spun sugar and food colouring. Continue reading
  4. Glass Jars - 10 Fun Ways To Use Them

    sweet glass jars Glass jars seem to be the latest trend. Whether that be for storing your cotton pads & earbuds in the bathroom cabinet, or for pouring refreshing Strawberry Daquiri's into during a Saturday night barbecue. Continue reading
  5. 12 Blood Inspired Halloween Treats


    Are you looking for a great way to really creep out your guests this Halloween? Well, we think that blood is definitely the best way to go about it - no, not REAL blood, of course!

    Continue reading

  6. 12 Chocolate Milkshake Recipes


    I don’t suppose you knew that the 12th of September was National Chocolate Milkshake Day? No? Well, you do now so you have no choice other than to whip yourself up a yummy chocolate shake.

    Continue reading

  7. Raspberry Whip Smoothie - How To Guide

    Raspberry Whip Smoothie - How To Guide
    Raspberry Whip Smoothie

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