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  1. Creepy Cookies

    faint heart

    8 DIY Creepy Cookies

    October is upon us, which means trick or treaters will be banging on our doors in no less than 30 days! Now, it's all well and good greeting your ghoulish guests with a big bag of shop bought sweets, but we think that decorating your own creepy cookies is a great way to get the whole family into the 'spooky' spirit of things.

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  2. Amazing Disney Themed Cakes


    12 Amazing Disney Themed Cakes

    Disney! Everybody loves it and those of you who claim you don't but will sing along to ‘Bear Necessities,’ we don't believe you! Continue reading

  3. National Cupcake Week


    Since this week is National Cupcake Week, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to put together 15 of our most favourite cupcake recipes that are oozing with delicious-ness and they look pretty fantastic too!

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  4. 12 Chocolate Milkshake Recipes


    I don’t suppose you knew that the 12th of September was National Chocolate Milkshake Day? No? Well, you do now so you have no choice other than to whip yourself up a yummy chocolate shake.

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