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  1. Christmas Cake Pops to Devour

    christmas cake pops We all love to indulge our sweet tooth over the festive season, but many of us stick to the same treats every year. Whether it's a bowl of Christmas pudding, a snack on a mince pie or a slice of Continue reading
  2. The 13 Most Beautiful Lollipops

    pretty lollipops Have you ever seen so many beautiful lollipops all at once? Continue reading
  3. Starting out making handmade chocolates

    handmade chocolates Pretty hand crafted gifts are always well received and none more so than chocolate. With a few basic tools, making a wide range of handmade chocolate gifts is easy. Continue reading
  4. Three Desserts That Make A Great Gift


    With the holidays coming up, sometimes the best gift to give is Continue reading

  5. Smashcakes!

    What exactly are smash cakes? Well, they’re miniature birthday cakes made especially for… Continue reading
  6. What's All the Hype About Vegan Cupcakes?

    In my quest to eat better and find healthier alternatives to some of my favourite snacks and sweets, I keep stumbling onto recipes that are labelled “vegan”. Continue reading
  7. The Five Most Amazing Cakes I've Ever Seen

    One thing that I absolutely adore is browsing through pictures of amazingly looking cakes. I needed a bit of inspiration this afternoon for my next bake and I think I can finally stop now, I found the five most stunning cakes I have ever seen! Continue reading
  8. How To Make Perfect Shortbread

    So with the Halloween and fireworks still on us, we have carried on with making some spooky treats. (Before Christmas comes!) Continue reading

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