1. The Geode Wedding Cake Trend

    geode header For those of you who have attended a wedding in recent years, you've probably noticed that the wedding cake is not the traditional, white fruit cake that we've all come to expect. Continue reading
  2. Chocolate Bark Recipes That Are Super Easy

    Chocolate Bark Recipes That Are Super Easy
    Marbelized Chocolate Bark Chocolate bark, if you're not too sure, is a sheet of chocolate that tends to be covered with nuts, sweeties, dried fruit or any other topping that you wish to sprinkle on. Continue reading
  3. Glass Jars - 10 Fun Ways To Use Them

    sweet glass jars Glass jars seem to be the latest trend. Whether that be for storing your cotton pads & earbuds in the bathroom cabinet, or for pouring refreshing Strawberry Daquiri's into during a Saturday night barbecue. Continue reading
  4. The 7 Best Artisan Chocolate Companies

    You can only love it, more or less openly, but love it. There's something about Continue reading

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