12 Amazing Disney Themed Cakes

Disney! Everybody loves it and those of you who claim you don't but will sing along to ‘Bear Necessities,’ we don't believe you!  Although we may not all have the talent to create a beautiful cake with intricate detail, it doesn't mean we can't admire the work of others.

Whether you're a firm believer in 'nothing beats the classics!' or, you actually prefer the more recent Pixar films, we promise you will love these cakes! Just a spoonful of sugar and a heap load of other ingredients went into baking them.

If you're like us and love anything that is Disney, then try to contain your excitement.

We'd LOVE to see any Disney themed cake's you've baked, please share them with us over on our Facebook page - or just let us know your favourite from the amazing cakes we found!

Alice in Wonderland – Galia’s Sugar Art

We definitely wouldn't turn down an invitation to this tea party!

Disney Alice in Wonderland cake

‘Frozen’ Ice Castle – Celebrate with Cake

Bet you can't look at this cake without 'Let it go' being stuck in your head for the rest of the year.

Disney Frozen Themed Cake

Sleeping Beauty – Australian Cake Magazine

All that's missing is the three little fairies!

Disney Sleeping Beauty Cake

Ratatouille – Richard’s Cakes

The only time rats will EVER be acceptable on food!

Disney Ratatouille Cake

Beauty and the Beast - Gimme Some Sugar

We love the effect of simply writing the lyrics on the cake.

Disney Beauty & the Beast Cake

Cinderella - Give Me Some Sugar

Some Fairy God Mother magic obviously went into the baking of this cake.

Disney Cinderella cake

Mickey Mouse - Couponing to Disney

Now, for some inspiration from the mouse who kicked it all off.

Disney Mickey Mouse cake

Princess and the Frog - Disney Cakes Tumblr

We wouldn't mind kissing a few frogs if we got this cake at the end of it.

Disney Princess & the Frog cake

'Wreck it Ralph' - The Fair Kitchen

Wreck It Ralph has to be the best Disney cake theme - it's based in a game full of SWEETS!

Disney Wreck it Ralph cake

'Up' - Tom Kat's Studio

You'd be devastated if this cake just 'upped' and flew off.

Disney 'Up' Cake

Winnie the Pooh - Big Fat Cook

This cake makes us happy and we can't even explain why!

Disney Winnie the Pooh cake

Toy Story - Cakes by Camille

'Oooooooo' OK, the aliens aren't even on the cake but we HAD TO!

Disney Toy Story Cake