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8 DIY Creepy Cookies

October is upon us, which means trick or treaters will be banging on our doors in no less than 30 days! Now, it's all well and good greeting your ghoulish guests with a big bag of shop bought sweets, but we think that decorating your own creepy cookies is a great way to get the whole family into the 'spooky' spirit of things.

Halloween is one of Yolli's most favourite holidays, so in a bid to contain our excitement, we've put together these '8 Creepy Cookies' because they are super easy to re-create.

Whether you're hosting your own fright night; trick or treating, or, you have a movie date with Freddie Krueger - make sure you share a picture on our Facebook page so we can see your versions of these creepy cookies.

Voodoo Doll

 The best part about these voodoo doll cookies (by Not Quite Nigella) is that no matter what you do to decorate them, they'll still manage to look reaaaally creepy. Our person cookie cutters are PERFECT for this.

voodoo doll



You can't get much more eerie than a graveyard, so the perfect time to make use of our tombstone cookie cutter is Halloween. Just like these R.I.P cookies by Swanky Recipes.



Spider Web

These cookies may look uber simple, but they also look incredibly effective. At the end of the day, would you want to eat a spiders web? We didn't think so. Use our circle cookie cutter and follow Sweet Ambs recipe to make your own.

spider web



Monsters are 'supposed' to be scary but we can't help but think just how cute these cookies are! Get your claws on one of our oblong cookie cutters and you can make your own 'Friendly Frankenstein', just like The Bearfoot Baker.



Vampire Teeth

What with all these books and films turning us into Vampire lovers, it's a wonder we still associate them with Halloween. Mind you, if we came face to face with a Vampire we'd most definitely be petrified. Why not give these teeth cookies a try, using our lips cookie cutter.

vampire teeth



Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched? It's spine chilling. Why not give your guests that feeling at your Halloween party by baking creepy eyeball cookies like these! Use our circle cutter set to make different size eyeballs for an even creepier affect.




Hearts are usually reserved for Valentine's Day so we love the fact that this cookie has 'muscled' it's way in onto Halloween. It's definitely not for the faint hearted. Our heart cookie cutter is perfect for recreating this.

faint heart



Who is to say we can't keep it simple with some good old square cookies, designed how you please. Maybe add a pumpkin, or a mini spider. It's entirely up to you! Just make sure you use our square cookie cutter to get the perfect size.