Are you looking for a great way to really creep out your guests this Halloween? Well, we think that blood is definitely the best way to go about it - no, not REAL blood, of course!

It turns out there are many ways to create a 'bloody' effect on your sweet treats, whether it's with strawberry jelly or blood orange juice they all give a really cool, creepy finished look. Why don't you take a look through the 12 pictures we've put together and maybe you'll be inspired by the gore - scaring the living daylights out of all your friends and family is what Halloween is about, after all.

If you have any other bloody treats you feel like sharing with us, feel free to do so over on our Facebook page - we'd love to see your creations.

Zombie Brain CupCake

zombie brain cake

We found them at Annie's Eats.

Red Velvet Dip

blood dip

Give this dip a go with the help of Sugar Hero.

Shards Of Glass Cupcakes

shards of

Don't worry, the 'glass' is made from sugar. We found this at Magnolia Bakery.

'Bloody' Scratch Cake

blood scratch

We found this cake at Beautiful Life.

Blood Splattered Cookies

blood spatter

Why not give them a go yourself with Annie's Eats.

Oreo's Dipped In Blood

blood dipped oreos

Simple enough, aren't they? We found them at Natalme.

Spooky Slashed Brownies

spooky slasher

Fancy giving these a try, we found them at Happy Food Healthy Life.

Blood Pie

blood pie

Want the recipe? Head over to Creme de la Crumb.

Bleeding Truffles


Cookies and Cups made these beauties, why not give them a try.

Blood Clot Jelly

blood clot jelly

Sounds gross, tastes GREAT. Follow the Kids Activities Blog recipe.

Vampire Juice

blood orange

Simple, yet effective. Head to Lady Behind the Curtain to see hows it's done.

Bleeding Toffee Apple


Creepy, aren't they? We found them at 1 Fine Cookie.