peanut fudge One of our lovely customers, Debbie from Poptastic Cakes, recently made a batch of fudge with 2 simple ingredients - white Yolli melts and peanut butter. Debbie came across this delicious fudge recipe as she was browsing through Pinterest, and to be honest we can't wait to make a batch of it for ourselves. Not only is it guaranteed to be the easiest fudge that you will ever make, but you'll definitely want to share it with pretty much everyone you know once you've had a taste. Nothing is required, other than your two ingredients and a microwave. If you make a full batch, the fudge can serve 40 people, but of course you can adjust the recipe depending on how many people you are catering for.


- 500g or 2 packs of white Yolli melts - 350g jar of smooth, creamy peanut butter

Method for Instant Fudge

- Firstly, you'll need to line an 8x8" baking tin with tin foil. Ensure that around 3-4" of the tinfoil is hanging off either side of the tin. - Place your Yolli melts into a large microwave-safe bowl, and melt for around 30 seconds. Check your Yolli melts at regular intervals to ensure they are thoroughly melted and you don't burn them. - Next, scoop the entire container of peanut butter into the bowl with the Yolli melts and stir until the mixture is completely smooth. - Pour your mixture into your previously prepared pan and place in the fridge for 2-3 hours, until it is completely set. - Remove your fudge from the fridge, and by using the tinfoil that's hanging over either edge, lift the fudge out of your baking tin. - Cut your fudge using a sharp knife into 1x1" square pieces. If you want a perfectly smooth cut, run your knife through hot water before each cut. Debbie also told us that she added some sprinkles to her fudge, just for some decoration and a slight crunch. You could do this, too!  pink fudge The second time she made a batch of this delicious fudge, Debbie added equal amounts of pink candy melts and white chocolate spread - no peanut butter, this time! At room temperature, this fudge is suuuper creamy and moreish. If you try your hand at this quick & easy fudge recipe, be sure to post a picture on our Facebook page. We love seeing what you've been getting up to. fudge1234