What started as a popular dessert in the United States finally crept its way across the pond to the United Kingdom. I am almost positive the people of Great Britain are wondering what the heck took so long! Sure, you could buy those store-bought cheesecake packets and make it yourself, but I do not think anything tastes better than a fresh, home-made cheesecake using the finest and richest ingredients.  Bluberries Baked Cheesecake Now you can bake a cheesecake or you can make a raw, no bake cake. Either way is equally delicious. Plain cheesecake stands on its own as a decadent treat, but chocolate cheesecake, peanut butter cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, Oreo cheesecake and fudge swirl cheesecake are just a few of the many options I have enjoyed eating time and time again—maybe a little too much of the “again”. Simple Cheesecake My one problem is that I love cheesecake so much, but it comes at a high calorie cost. I make sure to enjoy it on special occasions and boy, do I enjoy it—every last bit of it. Not even my fork can escape with any leftover cheesecake residue on it. I make sure it is licked clean. I did find some healthier ways to make a cheesecake (yes, it actually exists). It was a raw recipe that used nuts and dates for the crust and then pre-soaked cashews with some vanilla and other ingredients for the “cake” part. While not as good as the real deal, it certainly did not disappoint and I have actually made a few variations over the past few months adding chocolate, strawberries or cinnamon. Mango Cheesecake So how do you know what is good cheesecake and what is not?? Well, that depends on your taste buds as well as your stomach. I prefer those that are lighter—this way I can eat more of it before getting full. But some people like richer cheesecakes that fill you up before you can finish your slice. It is simply a matter of preference and how much your stomach and appetite can handle. Cheesecake Then, of course, there are those cheesecakes that are about three inches thick while others top out at barely an inch. There is a restaurant in the United States whose speciality is cheesecakes—aptly named The Cheesecake Factory. Here you can find just about any flavour you desire. My personal favourite is the chocolate chip cookie dough, but with nearly forty flavours to choose from, I have never been disappointed with any of them. There is even a low-carb option for the times I feel like watching my weight. The next time you are in the mood for something sinfully delicious, think cheesecake. I know I always do!