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  1. Why Chocolate is Good For You

    Why Chocolate is Good For You
    chocolate good They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I strongly suspect that 'they' haven't considered the loving relationship that exists between a woman and her chocolate. Chocolate is there to pick Continue reading
  2. A Short Story of The Macaron

    A Short Story of The Macaron
    macaron1 The macaron is an iconic afternoon tea staple, a favourite snack for those little breaks between lunch and dinner favoured by anyone and everyone. We all Continue reading
  3. The Secret Behind The Perfect Brownie

    The Secret Behind The Perfect Brownie
    browniesBrownies: whether they are a steady part of your diet or a guilty pleasure, it is beyond doubt they hold a special place in your heart. Warm chocolatey dough baked to perfection and Continue reading
  4. Bake Your Way into Your Valentine's Heart

    Bake Your Way into Your Valentine's Heart
    love cupcakesWhat better way to your Valentine’s heart than with a sweet, sticky, treat? Baked treats are more popular than ever and something homemade says “I love you” so much more than even the biggest Continue reading
  5. Winter Ice Cream?

    ice cream It might be chilly outside, and memories of lying on a sandy beach scoffing a 99 might be rapidly fading, but ice-cream can also be a winter treat. Who knew? Continue reading
  6. What's Panettone? A Pizza Topping?

    panettone Italians consider Panettone to be a Christmas staple and we finally see Continue reading
  7. Lollipop Sticks Are Not Just For Lollipops

    Lollipop and ice-lolly sticks are one of those craft staples that you never really grow out of. From those little yarn squares wound Continue reading
  8. Making a Tasty Christmas Tree

    tasty christmas tree Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree – yeah, it’s that time of year again and a Christmas tree is a terrific theme for all sorts of tasty bites. It doesn’t need to be difficult either. Anything stacked Continue reading

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