One thing that I absolutely adore is browsing through pictures of amazingly looking cakes. I needed a bit of inspiration this afternoon for my next bake and I think I can finally stop now, I found the five most stunning cakes I have ever seen! Weddings are very special occasions so they require very special cakes. Will & Cate Cake   Ok, not all of us can get the cake that Prince William and Kate got for their wedding but what about this beautiful and simple nature inspired cake? Nature inspired cake Or maybe a truly fairy tales cake? A prince is finally united with his princess and they shall rule their own castle. How romantic! Fairytale-and-the-dragon-cake   Weddings are not the only occasions that inspire stunning bakers. Maybe it’s your dad’s birthday and he’s got a thing for sports. Look at this! I mean think about how they actually baked this cake. Even though you can buy a pan with this shape, it is still difficult to make one without breaking the ridges. It would require lots of grease on the pan, I suppose. Football Cake   Oh, the beauty of fondant! I personally think that fondant is the artist's clay to the baker. It can serve as a clean slate to paint on and you can mould it into different fun shapes! Look at that cake! bag cake   I mean at first I thought it was a bag but it was actually a cake. How many people have been fooled by this? What about this last cake? metallic cake It almost looks like it was made of metal. The shine on it makes it look so real. Whoever made this cake was a true artist and may I add a good baker too. The details put on these cakes are just absolutely incredible. Lucky Bill who got this cake! I must go now, I really want to start to bake and hopefully I’ll make a cake as awesome as these ones. I’ll keep you posted!