Cupcakes are the most delicious type of dessert you can possibly get! Not only are they really easy to make, with a bit of time and effort, they canbe made to look absolutely fabulous. The best thing about cupcakes is that you're able to customise them into any shape you can imagine. I've searched high and low all over the internet to find you what I believe to be the top five prettiest cupcakes you'll ever get to see!

Number Five - Kittens

Kittens cupcakes Who can possibly resist a cute little kitten at any time of the day? Here are four cupcakes which have been made to look like cute, cute kitties. It seems almost like a crime to actually eat such a cupcake when they look so fabulous.

Number Four - In The Garden

Flowery Cupcakes The cakes in this set are not so amazing by themselves, but when put together make a new style. When you see them all in one place, you get the feeling of a nice summer countryside with the sun up high and shining. These are the cupcakes which will bring a smile to your face right when you need it.

Number Three - Valentine Cupcakes

Red Cupcakes This gorgeous cupcake has the regular chocolate base but the main event is the icing. A lot of time and effort has been put into making each one look like a rose. This one makes the list due to the attention to detail placed on each leaf. For these ones they used red cupcake cases.

Number Two - Butterflies

Cupcakes The best thing about these cupcakes are how they look when you cut them open. I can hardly imagine how difficult it is to make a cupcake this way, not knowing how it will turn out until it's time to actually eat it. The icing butterflies are also stunning.

Number One - Royalty

royal cupcakes Now then, I know for a fact that nobody should be allowed to eat these. The amount of time and effort taken to make food look so royal shouldn't be wasted by eating them. It's amazing the amount of detail in each cupcake. The birdcage and the chandelier are by far my favourites in this set simply because you can tell that the creator really loves their work and wants to make their cupcakes the best they can possibly be.