With the holidays coming up, sometimes the best gift to give is something homemade. It’s also usually more affordable and personal. I always give out cookies every holiday season since I can make many packages at once and give them out. It may seem more time consuming when I’m actually baking, but in the end, I spend less time in the kitchen than I would have searching for “the perfect gift” for every individual.

When creating homemade desserts for gifting, you have to take into account the fragility of the transportation process. It would be heart breaking to deliver a gift basket full of broken cookies or smashed and distorted brownies. Here are some gifts to help prevent that problem this holiday season.

Sweet Jar Gift

Baking Mix Gift Image via Call Me Cupcake

Sweet jars filled with dry ingredients for baking cookies or brownies are great for those that don’t have time to spend in the kitchen. There’s less clean up and this way, the lucky receiver of the jar can bake the sweet treat whenever they feel like it. Usually, a lot of baked goods are given out during the holidays whether it be at school, community events, or among family members. With mason jars, people will be able to savour the desserts on their own time rather than throw them out because they couldn't consume all of the gifts on time.

Homemade Jam Gift

baking gift 2

Image via Ruffled Blog

Homemade Jam is another great gift to give since it has a longer shelf life than cookies. It’s still very personal and homemade. You can spend more time creating personal labels and tying the tops with cloth and twine for that rustic look. The best part of this is that by making one large batch of jam, you’ll have gifts for 10-15 people! Yolli's hexagonal jars would be perfect for this.

Biscotti Gift

baking gift 3

Image via Food is a Good Thing

If someone were to ask me what the toughest dessert (meaning most sturdy and not prone to accidents such as breaking and crumbling) is, my answer would be biscotti. Biscotti is practically unbreakable alone. It’s used for dipping in coffees and teas, which is why it’s baked twice to suck all of the moisture out. The harder and more dry the cookie, the less likely it’ll crumble in the liquid. Nobody wants to have biscotti at the bottom of their cup.

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