christmas cake pops We all love to indulge our sweet tooth over the festive season, but many of us stick to the same treats every year. Whether it's a bowl of Christmas pudding, a snack on a mince pie or a slice of fruit cake, the desserts at Christmas dinner can feel a bit familiar. If you fancy something different this year, try your hand at these Christmas cake pop recipes. They are fun to decorate with the kids, and they make a great stocking filler.

Basic Cake Pop Recipe pops base

To create a basic vanilla flavoured mixture which makes around 12 pops, you will need 1 egg, 60 grams of sugar, 60 grams of butter and 60 grams of self-rising flour. Beat the sugar and butter in a mixing bowl until the mixture reaches a light and fluffy consistency and then add the egg, a spoonful of flour and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Continue to beat the mixture, gradually adding the flour spoon by spoon, until it is a thick batter. To bake the pops, you will need either a cake pop baking tray or a cake pop maker. Whichever piece of equipment you use, make sure you baste the tray with a small amount of oil so that the pops can easily be removed after they are baked. Bake in the oven at gas mark 5 for around 20 minutes. To test the mixture is cooked through, insert a lollipop stick or paper straw into a pop and see if it comes out clean.

Christmas Pud Pops

Xmas Pops To recreate the classic Christmas pudding, simply melt a bar of milk chocolate in the microwave or in a pan. Coat each cake pop in the melted chocolate and set them aside until they are set. Next, melt some white chocolate and pour a small amount over each cake pop so it looks they have been lightly coated with icing. For an added touch, create a small holly leaf out of green fondant and place it on top.

Snowmen Pops

Snowman Pops Snowmen pops are a great Christmas treat, and you can double up the pops on one stick to give them a head and a body. Use icing sugar to make a thick icing and drizzle it over the pops, covering the entire surface. For the detail, make small black circles for the coal and an orange carrot out of fondant or use dragée silver candy balls.

Bauble Pops

If you'd like your cake pops to have a bit of sparkle, coat each one with chocolate, butter cream frosting or icing and sprinkle over edible glitter to create eye-catching baubles.