pretty lollipops Have you ever seen so many beautiful lollipops all at once?

The Spring Flower Lollipops

1 sprinklebakes pansy pop A real taste of spring, these adorable lollipops make use of candied flower petals for a cute appearance that is definitely in fitting with the season - you'll almost feel like you're eating a delicious sweet-tasting flower!

The Butterfly Sparkle Pops

2 Building on the previous lollipop recipe, this artistic individual has used sprinkles combined with crystalline blue coating to create an almost water-like effect, with butterflies encased in the middle for a very delicate overall appearance.

The Pink Rose Candy Pop

3 sprinklebakes pansy pop A simple but effective pink and white striped rock candy lollipop, the beauty here lies in the decoration. Each one has been individually wrapped and styled with care and dedication for an elegant candy look.

The Chocolate Pops

4 A little break from the more traditional lollipop approach, these tasty-looking treats have been iced and decorated with cute and intricate patterns. Mmm!

The Pie Pops

5 Building further on the previous idea of varying what's on the end of the stick, this imaginative chef has baked miniature pies on the end of the sticks. Divine.

The Classic

6 The most prototypical of lollipops done beautifully here. Fabulous colours and the old-school shape for a real, traditional sweet treat.

The Sriracha Lollipops

7 The chef behind these delightful-looking culinary creations has paid stupendous attention to detail to create these striking treats in a beautiful shade of orange.

The Elegant Swan

8 What can I say about these? Superbly intricate and as elegant as the majestic creatures themselves.

The Space Lollies

9 planet_lollipops These classic round lollipops have been painstakingly hand-decorated to resemble planets. Far out!

Valentines Day Pops

10 How cute are these? lovely heart shapes coloured with beet syrup for that perfect pink look.

Dice Pops

11 Feeling lucky? You will be when you sample these simple yet refined dice pops, that definitely aren't a gamble.

Flip Floppipops

12 Innovative or what? I've never seen anything like these beautiful beachwear lollies.

Spiral Stars

13 A simple shape with groovy colouring. Make a wish! If you want to get creative and try to make your own, get started here!