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  1. Lego Blocks of Raspberry Jelly!

    Lego Blocks of Raspberry Jelly!
    A bowl of fruity jelly is perfect for a dessert. Its so simple and easy to make, which makes it absolutely perfect to make with little Yolli people!  Continue reading
  2. Finding Colourful Lollipop Sticks for your Sweet Treats

    12439009_975150572570887_6903328303096119083_n If you’re a keen confectionery hobbyist who enjoys making lollipops in your spare time; whether for business or personal use, then we at Yolli can help you! Lollipops make a fantastic treat, and are the perfect addition to Continue reading
  3. Where Can I find Beautiful Lollipop Sticks?

    No matter if you’re no longer a child, we all have to admit that a simple lollipop can bring us right back to the days when we were younger Continue reading
  4. Wooden Lollipop Sticks for Homemade Sweets

    Everybody loves sweets, and whether you’re celebrating a birthday or simply want to indulge in a sugary treat, they are the perfect guilty pleasure. Continue reading
  5. Festive Easter Chocolate Moulds

    easter eggs chocolate moulds Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a sweet treat or two. From a sneaky chocolate egg in the office, to a delicious slice of cake after your roast dinner on Easter Sunday, Continue reading

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