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  1. Breakfast for Dessert

    No matter what age you are, there’s no denying that cereal will always be a popular dish to have any time throughout the day. Everyone has a  Continue reading
  2. Make Your Own Beautiful Biscuits!

    sweet ambs Biscuits are a delicious treat to dunk into tea or simple just munch on as you're watching a film and baking them can be as easy or hard as you want to make it. We just absolutely love Sweet Amb's beautiful cookies. Yes, we hear you, not everyone has the amazing decorating biscuit talent that Sweet Amb's has - we certainly don't. But there is no reason that this should stop you from Continue reading
  3. The Essential Baking Tool Kit

    There's nothing better than filling your home with that fresh baking smell. Whether you have a sweet tooth for biscuits, cookies and tarts or you like to fill up on savoury bakes like pies and bread, here are the must-have supplies for your very own baker's tool kit. Continue reading

  4. The 7 Best Artisan Chocolate Companies

    You can only love it, more or less openly, but love it. There's something about Continue reading
  5. The 3 Most Influential Pastry Chefs of the World

    The 3 Most Influential Pastry Chefs of the World
    Is the art of the pastry chef in decline? Has the global recession put the final chip in the muffin? Not from where I'm munching... Continue reading

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