browniesBrownies: whether they are a steady part of your diet or a guilty pleasure, it is beyond doubt they hold a special place in your heart. Warm chocolatey dough baked to perfection andglazed with sugar powder or cocoa curd is a recipe for happiness. Still, not all brownies were made equal, and some deliver far less than they promise. Here are the makings of the perfect brownie which will hit the spot every time!

Go with the goo

brownies If you are a connoisseur, you will be well aware of the great brownie schism: crumby vs. gooey. In my book, a dry brownie is rather a biscuit or a sponge cake. The perfect brownie, on the other hand, has that delectable inner layer of moist, not fully cooked dough. To achieve that effect, do not add any raising agents into the mix (no baking powder or baking soda). This keeps the brownie's midsection dense and does not allow the heat to penetrate it easily. Reduce the usual baking time by a few minutes and enjoy the fudgy goodness at the heart of the brownie.

Butt more butter in

perfect nuts brownie Chocolate is the central brownie ingredient, you say? Make no mistake: as important as the cocoa goodness is, the secret of the perfect brownie lies in the butter - and a hefty amount of it! Different star chefs have different opinions on the matter, but you need a minimum of 250g unsalted butter in order to achieve the smooth softness you need for a brownie. For an even more perfect blend, dial the butter up to 350g to get a playfully chewy top and a hearty inner layer.

Something to Chew On

You will notice the fudgy and soft essence of the perfect brownie and might wonder whether it is not all too runny. This is where you add some toothwork to the mix! Depending on how much sweetness you can take, add semi-sweetened or classic chocolate chips. They will form denser meteors inside your brownie's middle layer and will make the final product a little more buff and a lot more enticing. If the thought of mixing chocolate with more chocolate is not too appealing, substitute the chocolate chips with your favourite nuts.

The Brownie Outershell

brownie bites 007 Your brownie's softness must hide beneath a little crust. Having a fine crunchy upper layer provides a fantastic contrast to the perfect brownie's gooey inner structure and it adds a surprise element for your palate: the hard yet thin shell conceals a soft inside which seems to melt with each bite. To achieve the crusty top, you can increase the sugar content slightly or, better, beat the batter extra vigorously.