How many of you do a Foodie Friday at work? What about poor neglected Mondays? Mondays are when we are likely to feel a lot more bluesy. I propose we start a revolution. Let's do Munchy Mondays. And the perfect thing to spoil your colleagues with is a box of handmade truffles. chocolate truffles Chocolate truffles are so easy to make. For sheer indulgence, use a very good quality dark chocolate - it's thought to be much healthier. However, you can still get some very yummy results with supermarket basics chocolate.

Ingredients for 50 Chocolate Truffles:

- 280g of your chosen chocolate, you could try candy melts. - 284ml of double cream - 50g unsalted butter, be careful not to add more of your truffles will taste buttery.


Firstly, break your chocolate or candy melts into little chunks and put into a mixing bowl. Next, in a saucepan, heat the cream and butter together until they are simply just simmering, then pour over the chocolate pieces and stir together. Do not overheat the cream or when you pour it over the chocolate, the chocolate will split. As soon as the cream begins to steam, you know it is ready. If you would like to add flavourings, such as Irish Cream, or textures like shortbread biscuit crumbs you would add them now. Only add a few teaspoons of spirits or liqueurs at a time, though, and taste as you go! Once your chocolate is mixed together and tastes the way you want, chill in a cold part of the fridge for around four hours. If you're having trouble setting the mix, you may need to try chilling for longer or using the freezer. Shaping can be messy fun as the mix melts so easily. Try coating your hands in cocoa powder first. Use a teaspoon to scoop up lumps of chocolate, and roll in your hands to make a ball. Roll in your decoration straight away. You can use more cocoa, chocolate vermicelli, icing sugar, desiccated coconut or edible glitter. Pop the chocolates in little paper cases and a presentation box. These can be kept for a month in the freezer or 3 days in the fridge. Yeah, like these are going to last longer than five minutes with the gannets you work with!