chocolate good They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I strongly suspect that 'they' haven't considered the loving relationship that exists between a woman and her chocolate. Chocolate is there to pick you up when a man lets you down, to be shared between you and the girls when you've burnt off enough calories at Pilates and to turn a little 'me time' into 'wow time'! As if all these things weren't good enough reasons, it turns out that chocolate is genuinely good for you, as long as you eat the right kind and not too much of it.

Fall in Love with Chocolate

chocolate candy good It's not in our imaginations that chocolate can cheer us up; when we eat chocolate, a chemical called phenylethylamine is released by the brain, exactly as it is when we fall in love. This isn't just self-indulgent, though. When we feel good, we take better care of ourselves, our stress levels are lower and we are far less likely to suffer from strokes or heart attacks.

Good for Heart Health

chocolate dress good As good as that is, there are other reasons why chocolate is good for the heart. Chocolate contains flavonols, which encourage the dilation of blood vessels, lowering blood pressure; you are also less likely to develop blood clots if you have a regular moderate intake of the right kind of chocolate. Both of these make heart attacks and strokes far less likely to occur.

Sweet Smarts

chocolate numbers good Ever have trouble with maths? Need a little extra help with your crossword? That's okay! Just eat some chocolate! Studies have shown that chocolate-eaters, or those who have been given a flavonol-fortified drink, are likely to be better at calculations and problem-solving and are also likely to remain more alert until later in life.

Full of Beans

cocoa bean good People who eat the right kind of chocolate on a regular basis are found to have more energy and stamina and are less inclined to suffer from fatigue. It isn't just the short-term boost you get from the carbohydrates in the chocolate, but also the effect of antioxidants contained in the cocoa bean itself! Antioxidants are also believed to provide protection from cancers and other degenerative illnesses. As a rule of thumb, the healthiest chocolates are thought to be those with a higher cocoa content and a lower sugar content, which means that they will be the darker products. But don't deprive yourself of all milk and white chocolate, which both contain plenty of calcium and aren't going to do any harm in moderation, especially if they come in a heart-shaped box, accompanied by wine. After all, a little of what you fancy does you good!